July 12, 2011

I Can't Hide My Redneck Side

Saturday morning The Sister and I ran down to Bloomington so she could pick up a shower gift for one of the 7 weddings she has this summer.  While we were there we stopped at Target to get a pool to take to the farm that afternoon.  Of course we had to get the one with cupholders!  Then it was out to the farm for an afternoon of relaxing!
Of course I had to pull the truck up so we could crank up Justin & Brantley! 

I made the mistake of buying Asher a squirt gun
The Sister was in the line of fire most of the afternoon
He thought it was a lot of fun until Daddy started splashing him back.  He started shaking his finger at him and yelling "No, No, No Daddy!"

We can't hide our Redneck Side

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