October 17, 2011

Asher on being a big brother

I think hope that Asher will love being a big brother.  Part of the reason I struggled with deciding when to finally add to our family was how it would affect Asher.  I know he'll love having a little brother or sister but I also want him to always be my baby.  As soon as we told him he started carrying around a doll everywhere and whenever we mention the baby he will point to my tummy and a lot of the time give it a kiss for good measure.  He has also started requesting that I carry him like a baby...  hope he's not too jealous when he isn't the baby anymore :)

Asher taking baby for a scooter ride 
And Vacuuming 
And hanging out 
I think he's gonna be a great big brother!

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Julie S. said...

It's definitely a transition, and boys will be boys, but overall it is totally worth it. When Brayden kisses Kenley and tries to help when she is crying? It totally melts me.