October 28, 2011

10 Weeks

As of yesterday I was 10 weeks!  1/4 of the way through this pregnancy - already?  I had another appointment this past Monday.  I weighed exactly the same and baby's heart rate was between 148 & 156 bpm.  Thankfully my morning all day sickness seemed to subside over the weekend.  3 good weeks of feeling like absolute crap wears on you.
I didn't wanna take the pic last night when I got home from my massage - Lynn sure does a number on my hair.  So I had to snap a quick pic in Dustin's bathroom before I ran out the door this morning.  This is the only room that has a mirror low enough to get a pic!
Aren't you glad to see me in something other than my PJ's?

1 comment:

Carlee Gerber said...

You look adorable Tess!! I'm excited to keep up on your posts while we go through this adventure together! :)