February 2, 2010

A Visit with Miss Ashlyn!

On Saturday me, Dustin, Asher, Taylor and Josh went to Pekin to stay with Ryan, Milissa and Ashlyn. We stayed home that night and the guys cooked steaks on the grill and smoked stogies in the garage and the girls had a glass of wine and played with the kiddos in the house.

Zelma is always such a good girl! I can't believe the way she lets Ashlyn beat on her.

Asher 8 mos and Ashlyn 18 mos

Have you noticed in every picture with another baby he has his hand on their shoulder?

BIG doggie!

Photo Attempt #1

OK, so I left out attempt pictures #2 & 3 but #4 turned out cute!

Ridin double on the 4-wheeler

Yes, even Psyco Mommy let Asher ride on something motorized. Must have been that 1 glass of wine I had.

Milissa has her work cut out for her with this one. Ashlyn is a very BUSY little girl. Busy, but helpful. She liked to empty out Asher's diaper bag and hand me the things in it. She talked on the phone, danced and wanted to be held! That was the best part. I thought she would have been to busy to let me hold her but she would put her arms out to you and ask you to hold her. It was so sweet!

Maybe a blue one for his B-day!

Another photo attempt

But this one didn't go so good

Asher and Auntie (cousin) Milissa

Asher & Daddy

Yes, his father let him drink out of a water bottle before bed and little man peed out for the first time that night.

We had fun that night and it was fun to get to stay with Milissa and Ryan again. We hadn't been there since August. The night was a little rough though. Asher didn't sleep very well. I don't know if it was the pack-n-play or that he peed all over himself for the first time. Oh well. Milissa fixed us a feast for breakfast then we headed home. I had another headache Sunday afternoon so I took a little nap then we went out to Annie and Merle's for fried chicken for my birthday.

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