February 1, 2010

Thursday & Friday Night

I couldn't resist posting these two pictures from Thursday night. This top one was his "I'm so full" face.
Zonked out in the jump-a-roo
Friday night we had pizza at Mom and Dads. I wish I had my camera out when we pulled up because Auntie Taylor was standing at the back door waiting to see her Bubby. She hadn't been home for 2 weeks. Then Asher and Boo both had baths at Grandma's that night.
Taylor was trying to get him to make farting noises.
We aren't advertising, I swear.
I've been meaning to get a video of this for a while. Mom got us these head scratchers in our stockings for Christmas. Now if you even get it out Asher flinches. It is so funny.

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