May 31, 2011

Vegas - Sunday Funday

Sunday was my favorite day in Vegas.  This is mostly due to the fact that we went to Gilley's that night.  After a week away from country music I have never been so happy to see boots in my life!  But we'll get to that in a minute.

In the afternoon on Sunday we went shopping and then got cleaned up for dinner at The Range in Harrahs.
I bought this dress that day because it reminded me of Grandma Glo - I swear we played dress-up with a dress that looked just like this.  But I doubt Glo ever wore anything that short. 

I went to the bathroom and this "statue" said hi to me and scared the shit out of me.  I spent the next 15 minutes watching him get every person that walked by. 
After that we headed down to Fremont Street 

And had shots at the Golden Nugget 
Then we went back to the strip and stopped at Gilley's.  I had told everyone I couldn't go home without at least stopping in. 
Rachel even rode the bull!  She was the only one with enough balls to try it. 
Taylor was enjoying herself too 
But not nearly as much as I was! 

I was in heaven 

Look!  Willie Nelson was even there  
 And he sang a song
This guy was the host of the bull riding contest 
And I blame this guy for getting me wasted.  I was at Gilleys, drinking Coors light, and this hottie -who runs the bull- jumps on the bull and rides to BRANTLEY GILBERT.  Wow, life doesn't get much better than that.

It definitely didn't get any better a couple hours later when I had to get on the plane in the same clothes I wore the night before.  My contacts were glued to my eyes so I just threw them away, put my glasses on and brushed my teeth.  5 AM came way too early.

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