June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today my Bubby turns 2.
Dustin and I both took the day off to spend with our little man.  We don't know what our exact plans are yet but we have all day to cram as much fun in as we can. 

I still can't believe how fast the time has gone - doesn't seem like he should be 2 already but he's becoming quite the little man. He is talking so much now and has an opinion about everything. His favorite things to say? "I do it" and every time I try to pick him up "I walk."

6 Months
Now every night he says "I night night in Mommy's room" oh Lord, we aren't starting that. He also makes a big production about picking out his shoes in the morning and cracks me up every time he says flip flops. He loves to mow and his new favorite thing is to talk about the boat.
1 Year
 He also has a new found obsession with Woody and watches Toy Story almost every night. He would love to be able to wear his Toy Story pajamas all day every day if I would let him. Asher loves to do laundry and clean. He also likes to water flowers - he's such a helpful little guy.

2 Years
 He's going to be so fun this summer.  He can actually play outside and hang out with Daddy in the evenings to I can get something done.  He loves to "help" Dustin with whatever he's doing and go for golf cart rides.  I also love trying to get him to say big words.  Newspaper is my favorite!

Happy Birthday Little Man, Mommy loves you.

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