May 26, 2011

Old Pictures

We got a new computer last week.  The other night I was transferring all of our old files to a flash drive.  I came across a folder of pictures labeled "Pictures 2004-2007."  Haha enjoy.
This is Dustin & Mike Winegar circa 2005.
Today is Mike's 30th Birthday, wish him a Happy Birthday.
This is my cousin E when he was little.  Asher reminds me a lot of him.  
Me with my in-laws, in Mexico, after too much tequila. 
Ozarks 2004.  I had long hair and Dustin wasn't bald. 
This is my little brother when he was still shorter than me.  
This is me water skiing.  I do it once a year to prove I can. 
Popejoy Pumpkin Killing 2004 - we looked like babies!
There are lots of pictures of pipes on my computer.
Mr Big Shot 
My favorite picture I found.  At the Fireman's Pub in Indy during Super Chevy.
Priceless picture of Dad - sums him up perfectly.

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