December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

When we got home from Mom & Dad's Christmas Eve we let Asher pick 2 cookies to put out for Santa and he chose 2 brownies.  He dropped the plate once in the kitchen and once in the entryway but was pretty darn proud of himself for carrying the plate downstairs by himself.

He put the brownies and milk down by the fireplace.  I'm glad he didn't ask me how he was going to get through there! 
In the morning he got up and said "Holy Cow" about a million times and pointed to everything and asked "Where Santa buy that at?" 
After he had a chance to play for a while we headed to Mom & Dad's to open gifts
Taylor got a recipe for cinnamon roll waffles off of pinterest.  How easy are these?  Just use the cinnamon rolls in the can (She used Grands and I think they were a little too big) put them in the waffle iron for a bit and you get these: 
Spread the icing on top and they were yummy! 
Asher enjoyed breakfast too!
Mom got Dad an IPad.  I think he's still working on how to use it.  Maybe using Mom's glasses helps?!?!
There was some cuddle/wrestling time with Papa 
And Taylor showed Dustin how to use his new IPad that Mom & Dad got him.  I was so afraid he'd just go buy himself one cuz he wanted one so bad.

Little Brudder got some gifts too.  I can't believe how small newborn diapers and clothes are!

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