December 28, 2011

Weber Christmas

Ever year we have Christmas Eve with the Weber Side. It was always at Grandma Glo's so of course now its at Mom and Dad's.  

Asher spent a lot of his time watching Thomas Rhett videos on YouTube. 
My new favorite drink... if I could drink.
Cherry Jack
If you love kitty cocktails you'll love this!
Bruce's Family 
Kristen & Chip's lil family 

Jeff's Family 
He's always a good one for a picture.
Our lil family 
Next year I'll have 2 BOYS.  Wow. 
The cousins 

Every year they compare bellies... I think Dad is still winnning. 

This year the cousins did an alcohol exchange.  It was quite fun to steal from each other. 
Glo would be rolling over in her grave if she knew what we were doing in her house. 

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