December 31, 2011

December Randoms

Here are the last bits of December pictures that didn't make any specific post...
Nicole Winterland called me about taking some pictures of Jeff's guitar for Christmas.  I think the standout collage turned out pretty cool. 
When I make Asher's bed this is what I find.  Yes, he sleeps with all of that junk.  PS - is that horse nightlight not the coolest thing ever?!?! 
We went to Mom & Dad's for New Year's Eve.  I had to laugh when Jan and Roger's wagon was by the back door.  They live across the street so just pulled their cooler on over! 
Asher has been carrying around his  Woody doll lately wrapped in his night night. 
He calls him Brudder.  And he says all the things to Woody that I say to him.  I overheard him "tucking him in" and said "Lay down Brudder.  Just a sip, just a liddle tiny sip of water.  You'll pee the bed."  He's so funny. 
I decided to buy a sewing machine with some Christmas money I had from Dustin's Dad and Sue.  Grandma Jane came over one afternoon and helped The Sister and me with our first project! 
I think my little bed pocket turned out pretty good.  Now, don't laugh Rachel, I haven't used a sewing machine since I took clothing in High School :)

I love this.  Earlier this week we ate dinner at Mom & Dad's and The Sister and RJ were fighting about who had to unload which section of the dishwasher.  Taylor gave RJ a little shove and Asher was SO offended.  He was still talking about it when we got home that night so I had to record a video and send it to TeeTee.  Please notice Asher's "accent" - he's such a little hick.  :)

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rachel b said...

love it! good work! ;)