June 29, 2010

RJ's 16th Birthday Party

On Sunday we got together for RJ's 16th Birthday at Mom & Dad's.  He turns 16 today, the 29th so LOOK OUT!
The best picture we got of Asher, Ashlyn and Kane

He never lets go of the golf clubs!
Kane thought he better water Mom's rocks for her
Mommy carried buckets and buckets full of hot water out to the pool but my Little Wussy boy still cried most of the time.  As you can see, a little cold water didn't bother Ashlyn at all!

The bigger kids got out the slip-n-slide and Miss Ashlyn had to give that a try too.  I love this picture of her "bowling."

After the party was winding down a bunch of us headed to the golf course and played a scramble.  Dustin, Kate, Ethan and I won!  Mom and Heidi watched Asher and we all went back to Mom and Dads for left overs.  It was a long day and Little Man was ready for bed when we got home.

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KatieJones said...

Okay so this is my first time on your blog and I just have to say I love your hair so so so much! I'm printing out a pic of it so I can take it to my stylist! :)