March 1, 2010

On the Move!

Little man is officially crawling!  Yikes!  Yay!  He took off yesterday and is a pro already.  Of course this morning he wouldn't crawl to me and Boo he takes off for the coffee table, which I like to think of as a plastic surgery nightmare waiting to happen.  I think it has to go - Dustin thinks he can bubble wrap it.  We'll see.
Right now we also like to kneel (see above) and jump in our bed.  This morning I had to put him in his crib while I got ready because I can't leave him on his blanket anymore :(  I turned the TV on and went back in there and the little shit was standing up jumpin on the side of the bed.  All fun and games now but I have a feeling we're gonna hit our mouth sometime soon.  Taylor and I also tried to get a good picture of him on Saturday in his bibs but he wasn't havin it.  Still cute.

Also, Bubby will be 9 months tomorrow!!!  He has his check-up tonight so I'll have stats to post tomorrow.

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