April 9, 2010

Bye Bye Daddy

Dustin left early this morning for a week-long mission trip to Costa Rica with his Dad and Taylor's boyfriend Josh.  We spent most of last night running around the house trying to get all his things packed before he left at 1 AM this morning!  Since he will be gone all week I'm taking off work a little early today to take Asher and go stay the night at Ryan and Milissa's and see Miss Ashlyn!  They just got their backyard fenced in last weekend so hopefully its warm enough for the kiddos to play outside. 

Ashlyn is on the mend from her chicken pox but I figure if he would have gotten them it would have been last weekend - she shouldn't be contagious anymore.  We'll head home Saturday night then meet up with Auntie Taylor in Champaign on Sunday.  I wouldn't want her to go through Bubby withdrawls.  As for the rest of the week we'll pry spend most of our time at Mom and Dad's (as if we don't already).  Sorry, no pictures this time.  My camera must still be in the diaper bag.  Have a great weekend there will be lots of pictures to post on Monday!

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