April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

Our first family photo since the hospital I believe, isn't that sad?  I told Taylor to snap a picture while we were dressed up.  Hopefully we can get some when we have Asher's 1 year pictures taken.  Which by the way makes me very sad to think that my Bubby will be a year old in just 2 short months!

Asher & Charlee checking each other out.  I'll have to post a video of the two of them in another post once I go through all of them.  Asher spent a lot of the night bugging the crap out of her.  He pushed her, pulled on her, bit her... you name it.  Poor thing is gonna have to learn how it hit him back!

Asher dumping out his Easter Basket with Grandma Sue.
Bubby also loved Papa's new mower.  When we put him on it he started rocking back and forth like he wanted it to go.  Maybe a ride in the wagon this summer, we'll see.  (Don't you love the socks?!?!)
You hit me - I'll hit you.
Or maybe I'll just bite you instead...
At least Kane is sitting like a good boy.
Yep, this is pretty much how our photo attempts go now.  I'm just not quick enough.
Asher loves to play with Kane's drums every time they are together.
Little Stinker wouldn't smile and would throw all his eggs on the ground.
Doesn't Miss Ashlyn look so freakin cute in her Rocker tutu that Mom got her?  And I LOVE the jelly shoes.  I had some of those too :)  She thought she would help Asher take a nap too.  I'm glad she was there to supervise.

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