June 18, 2010

Sick Little Boy

On Tuesday afternoon Mom picked Asher up from the sitters and she told Mom that she thought he felt a little warm so she had given him some Tylenol.  I took his temp that night and it was 101.5 so I gave him some more Tylenol before bed.  On Wednesdays he goes to my Moms and that morning his temp was a little over 102.  He wasn't quite himself and when they came over for lunch I took his temp one more time and it was over 103.  When I got back from lunch I called the Dr's office and asked what they thought I should do.  The nurse didn't have too many suggestions but told him not to get worried until it hit 104.

So at about 8:30 that night we went over the 104 mark and this Mama started to get really worried.  I ended up calling Dr. Austman at home to see what she thought.  She told me to give him another bath and she would see him first thing in the morning.  And of course to call her if he got any worse.  Gotta love her!

So we went to the Dr Thursday morning and guess what?  Little man had an ear infection!  We picked up his medicine and Mommy spent the day with him.  By about 8:00 last night his fever broke.  Hopefully he's feeling better today.  We had a couple of long nights!

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The Elliotts said...

aww poor guy :( caden has had 3 ear infections and they are no fun! amoxicillin is a lifesaver though!