July 7, 2010

4th of July

On Sunday we started out in Chenoa at my Great Aunt & Uncle's house to watch the Parade.
Asher gave Auntie Taylor some kisses!

Then he watched the parade
Asher and Taylor cheered them on as they went by
And he got SO excited!
Josh's family was there too and I finally got to meet his sweet baby sister Emily
During the parade I was sitting on a blanket, minding my own business, eating sweet tarts - when one of the "clowns" with water guns decided so squirt me with the water gun.  I was SOAKED.  He even had on an all too familiar Livingston County Jail jumpsuit.  Ugh, as if I don't see enough of that at work.
After the parade we walked down to Randy and Jill's to see the kids.  Here is Asher and Brynlee!
And one of Brynlee, Madie and Asher.  I'll have to dig out a picture now of Carlee, Trevin and me because I think we have some at Mom & Dad's of the 3 of us about this age!
We headed to my Uncle Bob & Aunt Kristi's in Towanda after Chenoa and had dinner.  Kate watched Asher while he played in the pool.
And on Monday we did this:
And I got really burnt.

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