August 2, 2010

High Class

On Friday night Katelynn babysat Asher while we went out for Mom & Dad's Anniversary.  This is the 2nd time that I've had a "nighttime" babysitter and it was a little easier.  I completely trust Katelynn its just hard for me to let go.  And hard for me to work all day on Friday and then have to turn around and leave him with someone at night.  But anyway, we got to Mom and Dad's that night and saw Dad's new project in the garage.  There are few things that get him to work at 6 AM and this is one of them:

Dustin thought he might like to have a golf cart to cruise around town in.  That is until Mom informed him that even if we traded in the Bug we would still owe them money on one.  Ummmm thanks but I'll keep my little car that I can drive in the rain and snow and that will get me all the way to work. 

But this thing is pretty cool with its exhaust and seat belts in the back for Asher's car seat!  And I like the wood grain dash and radio.  The four of us took a cruise up to the ATM.  I figured I might need some money that night.  I didn't think it was fair to assume Mom and Dad were paying since it was their night out and all :)

About the time we got back Heidi and Kevin came screeching up and we packed in the Tahoe and away we went.  We wanted to go somewhere different than our usual places for dinner: Rentz's, Turtles, Cullom - So we decided to go to Lake Bloomington and eat at the Lake Road Inn.  I had been across the street to Green Gables many times for a tasty cheeseburger but never here.  Lets just say you didn't wanna look too closely at the place before you ate.  And there were no menus: Fish, shirmp or chicken strips.  The place was packed and we had to wait a while for a table.  I don't think the bartender knew what to say when Heidi ordered Taylor a Kiddie Cocktail, on the rocks, two cherries. 

27 years!

Ohmigod!  We're out, and we're together!

I spent the ride home with Josh riding behind me telling me my hair looks like Jane Jetson.  I don't think its even close!  I think he just likes to pick on me and think of things that might annoy me.  I had to google it today to see what it even looked like for sure - I haven't seen the Jetsons in a while.

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