October 28, 2010

Are You My Mother?

Its a good thing that I really love my job - otherwise I'd be about ready to quit right now.

I'm hoping that its just a stage that Asher is going through, where he seems to want everyone BUT me.  I got home from work Monday night and Annie was there since Grandma Jane's back has been out.  I went and picked up him and he was hitting me and biting me and screaming and reaching for Annie.  He wanted her and nothing to do with me.  That totally sucks.

And last night when I got to Mom and Dad's after work I tried to hang out with him but he just kept chasing after my Mom screaming "Mama!" at her and clinging to her legs.  We can't get Asher to call my Mom anything but Mama and again he didn't want me - only my Mom.  And I don't get his thing with hitting and biting me lately.  He only does it to me. 

I feel bad because we don't get to spend very much "fun" time together.  When I pick him up after work (and we actually go home and not stay at Mom and Dads) I have to make supper, then we eat, then he has a bath and not too long after that its bed time.  There really isn't a whole lot of time for us to play or hang out together.  Our time consists of things that we have to do - a routine.  I think that's why I don't go out on the weekends or ever let anyone babysit at night.  I totally feel guilty for being gone all week. 

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