October 25, 2010

Baby Brody

Saturday morning we headed down to Peoria to visit Milissa, Ryan and the new Baby Brody!  He is one sweet baby boy:)  On they way there I got this picture that said "Good Morning" sent to me :)
He's such a pretty boy - he doesn't even have that squashed through the birth canal look to him!

We got there and Milissa looked great and could get up and move and was ready to go home.  So totally different from my experience.  I wanted to stay there as long as possible and still hadn't gotten out of bed at that point - let alone had a shower.  I was jealous! 

Asher didn't know what to think of his Grandma & Mommy holding a new baby.

But he sure liked having a snack with Aunt Milissa!

I cannot believe that Asher was ever this size!  Its amazing how much they change in so little time.

We had to unwrap him and check him out.

And of course wake him up so we could see his eyes :)

Awww happy family.  We missed the Little Missy because she was back in Fairbury with her Grandma & Grandpa Welborn but we've already planned a trip to Pekin to see them in a couple of weeks.

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