October 12, 2010

Our Weekend

Please note: I do not support ANYONE using the "R" word.  If you know my sister you will understand the meaning of this picture.

Friday night I ended up working late trying to get delinquent notices out at work.  I'm hoping things will slow down really soon but I've been sick the last couple of weeks so I've been gone a little bit and we've been sending out delinquent notices and dealing with a few pissed off people so its been interesting.  That night I did not feel like cooking (as usual) so we ordered fish fry from the VFW with Mom and Dad. 

Asher & I finally broke down and went to the Dr on Thursday and I got some antibiotics for what Dr Austman called walking pneumonia.  I feel a little better now but still not great.  I called and talked to her today so we're going with another z-pack, an inhaler and are going to see how I feel Thursday.  I've been hacking up a lung for 3 weeks now and I'm ready for this to be over.

Saturday Asher & I ran to Gibson City with Mom and Taylor to watch Kolby's CIFL football game.  To tell you the truth I would rather stick needles in my eyes than watch any type of sports thing - even if all the little boys do look cute in their uniforms.  We ate lunch at McDonalds and Asher threw most of his food on the floor.  I'm starting to think he's just trying to kill me.  Or is this normal?  I feel like I can't take him anywhere now. 

That night we went out to the farm to enjoy probably the last nice weekend we would have out there.  We grilled out and watched the kids ride the 4 wheelers.  Then we went back to Mom and Dad's when it got dark since our generator was out of commission. 

Dad and Kevin Brucker had gone to the Hunnert Car Pile Up that day and brought back a couple of prizes!  Taylor got this:

Dad was SO proud of himself for buying the sister this shirt, although it only came in XXL.  For those of you who don't know my sister is going to school to be a special education teacher.  There is nothing that pisses her off more than to hear someone use the "R" word.  You can tell from her gesture what she thought of her present.

This is what Dad got Mom for the new garage:
A big girl bottle opener for her Landsharks.  And let me tell you she was THRILLED!  I think there were even a couple of F-U Dr Bruckers thrown in there. haha  Dad was pretty proud of his purchases.  For once I was glad someone didn't buy me something.  He wasn't picking on me. 

I had just loaded up the diaper bag and was ready to go home about 9:00 that night when Kevin Brucker showed up with a gallon of Moonshine Lemonade from the bar in Melvin.  Needless to say Asher spent the night at Papa and Grandmas and Dustin and I walked the half a block home carrying Boo a couple of hours later.

On Sunday Dustin & I, Taylor, RJ, Grandma Jane and Heidi and Kevin all played golf.  The girls kicked butt but I think that was because we had Dean Martin playing on the golf cart :)  After dinner at Mom and Dad's yet again we called it an early night.

I had Monday off for Columbus day but Asher went to Lori's house so that the girls could take Milissa out shopping one last time before her little man arrives in a week or two.  We went to Tuscola then back to Champaign.  Here is the last picture of the girls with the belly!
I cannot wait to meet this little guy!!!

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