November 15, 2010

ByeBye Binky!

I think its safe to say that Asher is officially done with his binky!!!  Yay for him and for me!  I wanted it to be gone before he turned 18 months and it was surprisingly easy.  He was starting to ask for it at night so I figured it was time for the binky to go byebye before he became too attached.  We started taking it away at nap time a couple of weeks ago and then at bedtime this past week.  He always takes it out in the morning and gives it to me to put on the counter until bedtime.  He knows its there so when he wants it he would go up to the counter and hang on it.  Well about last Wednesday I hid the paci in the cookie jar so that when he cried for it I picked up and showed him that the paci was "all gone."

It was so cute he looked at me and said "All gone?"  I told him that we had to give all of our paci's to Baby Brody so he needed to be a big boy now.  He went to bed without a peep and we haven't had an issue since.  Mommy is SO proud of her big boy!

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