December 7, 2010


Asher woke up Saturday morning and was so excited to look out the window and see all of the snow.
He stood at the window for the longest time - pounding on it and yelling at the kid across the street who spent like 2 hours shoveling his driveway.
Then we played for a while and he acted like he was changing the channel.

Then it was time to go to the Christmas Parade!

It was just a wee bit chilly.  But we figured if Dad could get his firetruck out in the cold and snow we could bundle up to go and watch him. 

But I think he was a little bit chilly by the end too!


Anonymous said...

hey tess. i really like your coffee table, where did you get it???

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Mom and Dad left that furniture when they moved. We ordered the entertainment center to match from the guys in Herscher but I can't remember what brand it was.