December 23, 2010

To My Dearest Sister

Last Friday while we were shopping for you a little dress to wear out for your friends 21st Birthday that night I'll admit I was a little jealous.  Only because I knew while you were out at the bars that night I would pry be at Mom & Dad's eating VFW Steak Fry like we do almost every Friday night.  Then I would go home and put Asher's pajamas on and go to bed by 9:00.  Ho-Hum.

But then on Saturday morning I get this text from you:
Taylor: What time are cookies?
I was thinking hmmmm you're supposed to be staying in Champaign all weekend.  But I told you we were on our way to Grandma Jane's then and asked if you had a rough night.
Taylor: I don't think I'm going to be able to stay for another round.  My feet are cut up and I can barely walk.
What the hell?  Your feet are cut up?  So we went on to Grandma Jane's and baked cookies.  When you walked in we all couldn't help but laugh.  You looked so pretty

You told us how someone must have dropped a glass on dance floor and you had kicked off your heels and had been dancing on broken glass.  Ahem, not the smartest thing you had ever done.  You took off your shoes and we were all horrified at how cut up they were.  Gross.  So of course Grandma Jane took care of you and soaked your feet in peroxide. 
It wasn't until I was pulling shards of glass out of your feet with tweezers that I realized I was thankful for becoming a wife and mother so young.  If this is what i missed out on by foregoing the "College Experience" I don't think I missed a damn thing

(This is pry the most disgusting this I've ever shared on this blog)

So next time I'm feeling sorry for myself that I got married too young and I never get to go anywhere anymore I'll just remember pulling all that glass out and think that maybe I don't have it so bad.

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