January 3, 2011

New Years Eve

I had a nice quiet New Years Eve - I had one of these little things.  They were yummy but it took me about an hour to drink it.  I think it was pomegranate Liquor, Moscato d'Asti and Grand Marnier.

This Mama only had one drink because myy mom told me Asher would be asleep by 8:30 and he could just spend the night there.  At 11:30 I finally took my little dice playing Hellion home.  I was tired and had had enough chasing him around.  I might have made it to midnight.  But I was busy reading my book and I didn't have my contacts in and can't see the clock without them.  Dustin walked home some time later.  

Uncle RJ finally got a haircut!  A faux hawk just like Asher's! 

Don't let those sleepy eyes fool you... 
I think everyone else had fun.  Dustin and I failed miserably at the Newlywed Game.  Even my parents did better than us. 

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