April 27, 2011


We had another successful Easter this past weekend.  We kicked off the festivities last Wednesday after family dinner night when we dyed Easter Eggs at Mom and Dads.  Asher was not as impressed as I thought he would be.

After church on Sunday we went to Mom & Dads to open Asher's Easter basket at their house.  After going home so the boys could take a little nap we headed down to my Aunt & Uncle's house in Towanda.  And wouldn't you know?  The Easter Bunny also came to Great Grandma Jane's house, Great-Great Aunt Annie's house and even Great Aunt Kristi's house.  Wow, what a spoiled little boy we have!
Opening his baskets with his surrogate Mommy/Auntie Taylor


The hunt is on!

Another crazy camera Mommy

The Righter Side

Awwww Ashlyn & Asher holding hands!

Grandma Jane's beautiful cupcakes!  And the best part?  They had money for the big kids hidden under them!

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