May 2, 2011

Lawrence Easter

 Saturday night we had Easter with the Lawrence side.  It was another chance for the kiddos to get together and play.  It saved us a lot of headaches that Mark and Leann had matching Little Tykes cars so we didn't have a couple of fighting toddlers on our hands.  Although Asher would rather push Charlee in hers and she would rather him not!

Thanks to Aunt Jodi Mommy got a rare picture with her little man!  See those fingers in his mouth?  We had his 2 year pictures the next day with Laura Kruger and he wouldn't stop doing that!  Ugh, but I think she got some good ones.  I'll post the link when she has the proofs up - Can't wait!

Watch this: The best part?  I didn't even tell him to do this!

My Sweet Boy!

He loves Chard-tee!

The Lawrence Cousins

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