June 21, 2011

Gettin You Home

One of my favorite Chris Young songs took on a whole new meaning Friday night after we went to see him in concert.  Thank God my Dad could see it coming and knew he had to be the one to get us home.  Thank you Dad for gettin me home - and for pulling over not once but twice on the way home when I wasn't feeling the best...
I blame it on the boots.  I think they're cursed.  We're heading to Nashville this weekend and I think I'll pick up a new pair and see if they have the same effect on me.
We had dinner at "Mexico" as Grandpa Denny called it and Dr Brucker bought me a Margarita.  On second thought I blame the boots and the margaritas. 

Miss Mel was enjoying hers too 
Brian must have been thirsty - that's a lot of drink tickets!  Don't worry, we only had 1 left. 

I think Brian was giving my Dad Little Man Syndrome.  He was like 1/16" taller than Dad and it was really bugging him.  Please note Dr Brucker next to Dad's belly. 
Dad was slightly annoyed with Mom by the end of the night 
I wouldn't know why 

Oh yeah, we did come here for a reason 
Jennifer and I had a great time up at the front singing and dancing along.  Thank God there are no pictures. 
And there were new friends made.
Can't wait til Nashville next weekend!

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