June 16, 2011

Treadmill? I don't need no stinkin' treadmill

Lord have mercy.  I wish someone would have been secretly filming me tonight because it would have been something else.  Since I was all by myself.  Get this - Mom, The Sister and Nana Jane were golfing.  Dad, Dustin, RJ, Josh and ASHER were at Lodge.  Yes, you heard me right Asher went to lodge!!!  He's a big boy now.  I had a night ALL TO MYSELF.  What was I going to do with myself......

I got my Chevelle out last night and RJ washed it for me.  Last minute this morning I ditched the Bug and drove it to work.  I cannot tell you how good it feels to drive it again.  But anyway I decided I wanted to try to take some new pictures of it and since I had a "night off" I wanted to do it tonight.  When Dustin asked me who was going with me I said "Just me, you only need one person to take a picture of a car, duh."  Uhhh, I was wrong.

Be afraid, be very afraid.  The following is a collection of pictures and my random rambling thoughts as I was trying to be the aspiring photographer that I'll never become.  Just like I'll never get to be a tow truck driver.  My Mom told me no.

So I went out to the farm to take pictures.  There was one spot I had in mind and to tell you the truth I didn't wanna trespass on any ones property.  I'm that lame.
Problem.  I finally found a place to park my car, only I needed to be farther away to get any pictures of it.  The only place I could go was on the other side of the fence.  There was lots of "stuff" between the road and the fence for starters.  I started to go through it, really I did.
But that shit was deep.  And I had flip flops on.  So I looked around and considered my options. 
I could say:
1. Screw this I'm a big girl and can walk through there
2.  Screw this and go do some burn outs instead
3. Screw this and go home and eat some ice cream
4. Screw this and walk alllll the wayyyyy to the end and back

I chose option 4

Which was pry the second hardest.  That's a long walk 
And there are animals out there and I was alone.  Reminds me of one night a few years ago.  It involved some coyotes, a big knife and some laxatives.  Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.  But then again, maybe I won't. 
There was also Queen Anne's Lace.  I had tons of this at my wedding!

So I finally get to the other side and find out that I'm too short.  Hmmmm So I figure I'll just climb up on the fence.  See above picture of nice sturdy fence.
Barbed wire, flip flops, fence posts and tall grass are not a good combination 
My lack of balance made me wish I hadn't quit gymnastics.  This is when I started praying that no one would come down this deserted country road.  And also that if I fell, it would be far away from the skunk I kept smelling. 
So I walked all the way to the top of the hill in search of something to stand on.  Can you believe it?  I found the stairway to Heaven! 
However, once I walked around to the other side and saw how far I'd have to drag it out to my car I changed my mind 
So I kept on searching.  Saw these old boots.  Tried them on - didn't fit.  Not sure what little boy they belong to.  I'm going to Nashville next weekend, figured I could use a new pair. 
Finally!  Something I could carry!  Sorry Heidi, I left the damn thing by the side of the road - I just couldn't carry it back up the hill.  I'll get it next time.

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Nancy said...

ohmigosh Tess!!! You really need to write a book and I'll be first in line for the book-signing! You are so funny, sister!!!!!