July 7, 2011

Rollin on The River

Sunday morning we were up early to head down to Peoria to meet up with Ryan & Milissa to go boating.  We usually just go to Clinton Lake but Dustin wanted to try something a little different and since the water was up he figured it was the perfect time to head to the river.
10 Minutes into it and Asher was out - makes for some great tan lines 
The kids took turns driving 
Hey! No picking while driving 
Going to Peoria is a completely different atmosphere 
Although we didn't stop, there are acutally places to eat 
And things to see 
Besides lifejacket wedgies that is... 
Ashlyn is a mini-me of her mother 
Look at these two!  This weekend was the first time that I overheard them have actual conversations.  I hope they'll be great friends.  Asher was already missing her when we came home. 
After boating we went back to their house and had dinner 
And just hung out 

The kids found a toad to torture.  After a couple of minutes Ashlyn said "Oh Mommy, its dead already."  She's so funny.
Milissa is a much braver Mommy than I am.  I wouldn't have touched that thing with a 10 foot pole.  And neither would my son.  He said it was dirty. 
Oh Brody, how I love you. 

After we played outside we took the kids in and gave them a bath.  As Milissa and I were both bent over the tub scrubbing our filthy kids - while Brody pulled himself up next to the tub - I had to laugh at the chaos.  And thank God we didn't have more kids between us.  I was amazed at how much has changed for us in the last 5 years.
We spent the night and the next morning we had to tell the kids bye.  Even Brody was waving out the window. 
And Ashlyn yelled ByeBye to us until we were too far down the street to hear her anymore :)

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