August 1, 2011

Ashlyn Turns 3!

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Pekin to help Little Miss Ashlyn celebrate her 3rd Birthday!
She had a Sweet Shoppe themed party which made her Mommy look like Martha Stewart and Asher's party look pathetic!

Ashlyn in her dress by Mama Made It 

Someone took a long time to warm up at the party...

Look at this sweet little Aubrey.  Ashlyn has some cute cousins! 
Ashlyn, Lainie & Asher had a blast in the pool! 
And he got to hang out with Sydney. 
These two get along like two peas in a pod.
Look how grown up my Little Man looks! 

Dad & RJ took up their usual position on the couch. 
Great day for a party to celebrate one of our favorite little ladies!

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rachel b said...

she is adorable!!!! what a fun party!!!