August 17, 2011

Don't You Wish Your Sister was Hott Like Me

My Brother.
At 8 years younger than me he really seems like a pain in the ass.  Maybe it's the age - he is seventeen.  He thinks he knows it all and that he's "Badder Asser."  Last Saturday morning I was privileged enough to spend a couple of hours with him trying to take his senior pictures.  And he spent the time trying to drive me insane.

First he told me that I had to pay for the gas in his truck to drive out to the farm.  Since we had only spent 10 minutes together I decided to cave on this one.  As we were driving to the gas station and we passed a friend I waved really big and asked him if maybe his friends thought he had a hott new girlfriend.  He just said "Oh My God.  You are so.... Ugh."  I take that as a no.

Here are some of the 150 + photos that didn't "make the cut" - enjoy.

I'm wayyyyy too cool for this 
What the Hell am I supposed to be doing? 
A smile, although a slightly evil one... 
After about an hour I got sick of him and contemplated hitting him with the Silver Stallion. 
Because THIS is what I was working with 
Are you kidding me?

Day 2 didn't start off much better.  RJ had taken some blazin buffalo wing challenge at BWW the night before and his stomach was a little sensitive the next morning.  He thought it was best to bring a roll of toilet paper since we might be in the middle of nowhere.
Sadly, I'm not joking. 
Then there is Tanner. 
Who knows how to have fun no matter what.  And can make RJ smile.  And act like a 12 year old. 
But scratching himself?  That was all him.

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Julie S. said...

My favorite part of any photo shoot is the outtakes! :) Too funny!