August 30, 2011

Maiden Voyage

 On Sunday our new boat took its Maiden voyage!  We had a great day with Kevin & Kolby and Kristen, Jamie, Connor & Camden.  We were so excited to now have a boat big enough to take friends. 
Conner, Camden, Asher & Kolby 

The little boys thought they were big boys and wanted to jump off the back! 
But Asher didn't quite get the concept of jumping so I had to throw him. 

Look at that hair.  LOVE it! 

Dustin wanted to wake board since the boat has a wake board tower.
He hadn't done this in about 2 years.  And he is now 30.
I told him that he shouldn't get out there but he never listens to me. 
I bet he wished he would have this time because we ended up in the ER with 8 stitches.
When he went down the wake board came up and got him right in the head.
I was trying not to pass out at the site of Dustin's skull through the huge gaping cut he had.
But of course Dustin was more concerned about not getting any blood on the boat. 


Jessie said...

That looks SERIOUSLY painful :(

Sara said...