August 19, 2011

Potty Training

If what we are doing is considered potty training it's going pretty well.  Asher does GREAT going potty at home but doesn't seem interested in going anywhere else.  He did go at the sitter's this week so that was a big deal for us!  Usually when we're out at a restaurant and he says he has to go by the time we get in the bathroom he starts crying and saying "yucky potty" - most of the time he is right!

But along with this potty thing Asher has been getting up in the middle of the night.  I'll wake up to a little face right in front of mine saying "Mommy I go PeePee."  And he ALWAYS whispers it - too funny.  But going potty turns into a 10 minute ordeal by the time we go potty, put on a new diaper, get an M&M, a drink and turn his movie back on.  We've been doing this every night for the last week...

On Wednesday he wore his big boy underwears for the first time!  He was at Mom's that day and she said he went about 5 times on the potty that morning before he had an accident.  So we've been doing the whole "underwears" thing after I get home at night.  He loves them and likes to show everyone!


Ryan & Milissa said...

YAY!!!!!!! Nothing cuter than a little butt in cute lil undies:) See ya Sunday!

Sara said...

Too cute! I hope we are just as lucky when we start the whole process in a year or two... :)