September 6, 2011

Meet Jose

Meet Jose.
Also known as Dustin, Mom & Dad's pool boy.
I don't know too many people as anal-retentive as my husband.
Well, maybe except for Milissa's Husband.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane with the pool.  It's amazing that this thing came together in just 10 days.
Day 1 ended with a big hole. 
Day 2 saw lots of activity! 
Holy Shit.
That's Jeff the pool guy under there. 
Asher was more interested in the sand. 
A couple of days later the guys came to pour the concrete. 
Dad & Chris were the first ones that got to "swim." 
The day after that Jeff the pool guy came back and cleaned it.
Can you believe the difference? 
Asher got to go swimming.
It might take him a while to warm up. 
Boo wasn't too thrilled either. 
But he's a good little swimmer! 
Sister and I hung out by the pool all day on Sunday.
We drank "goon juice" 
And Dad squirted us with water.

I can't wait until next summer when we can really use it!


Jessie said...

One did they get OUT of the pool with the concrete poured/smoothed around them?

Sara said...

Aw, poor Asher! It looks like he didn't know what to think about the big pool. I'm sure by next year he will be all about it! :)