September 26, 2011

Tid Bits

I got RJ's pictures in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
Very exciting for me. 
Fun stuff.
I like to take pictures of Asher in the tub.
It's the only time he is confined to one spot!

I'm tired.  The last 2 nights Asher has been up 4-5 times a night.  Ever since we started potty training he's been waking me up every time he pees in his diaper because he wants changed.

At that time he also wants to "night night Mommy's room" and he wants chocolate milk, and gold fish and for me to put Toy Story back in, and he wants me to cover him up with his night night.  We do this SEVERAL times a night.  This Mama isn't getting much sleep and she's tired.

But on a good note, Asher was accident free on Saturday!  He even got to pee outside twice since we weren't home (I'm a brave woman for taking him out of the house with Underwears on).  He would have been accident free yesterday but I found him hiding in Mom's livingroom by the fireplace - pooping his pants. 

Saturday we went to the Wabash Festival in Forrest for a little bit.  I forgot my camera.  But Asher was SUPER happy that Uncle RJ rode the little train with him.  And Uncle RJ was SUPER happy that I forgot my camera and there was no evidence of him riding the little train. 

I promise, when I have the time to sit down and get the pictures off of my camera and a few minutes to myself to write - I'll have something to say. 

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