November 14, 2011

Our Lil Nugget!

Here is my latest ultrasound pic from last Monday!  Here our Lil Nugget is just shy of 12 weeks.  And he/she looks like a baby!
It was so cool to see the baby kicking and punching and rolling around.  And even seeing its little mouth open and close.  So amazing that just 4 weeks ago we were seeing this:
Not that I was any less excited!  I have another ultrasound in 3 weeks and I'll be just shy of 16 weeks.  I'm hoping I can get the ultrasound tech to give me a guess on what we'll be having.  I'd love to know before Christmas!

And by the way - A new lil Popejoy arrived on Friday!
Axel Thomas Popejoy
9 lbs 7 oz
22 inches

I can't wait to go see this lil big guy!

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