December 7, 2011

16 Week Appointment

Monday after my ultrasound I had my 16 week appointment with Dr Austman.  Here are the "stats."

Mommy's Weight Gain: 5 pounds in 3 weeks!  This puts me up 6 lbs total.
Baby BOY's Heart Rate: 160's-170's it was really chugging right along.

Dr A gave me some suggestions on what I could take for my head cold, listened to Little Brother's heart rate and talked about my next appointment.  When I got there she didn't have my results from my ultrasound yet.  She did call me yesterday morning to let me know that it appears the amniotic band is GONE!  Yay!  They say this does happen sometimes so that's awesome. 

We found out we're having another little boy.  Before we opened the envelope (Dustin couldn't go with me) we all said what we thought it was.  Dustin said boy, Asher said boy (this was the first time he said something other than just "baby") and I said boy.  My Mom was just sure there was a lil girl in there.  I wasn't shocked to see another little wee wee.  I had wanted another boy because I think little boys are the best but on the other hand I kind of hoped it was a girl because Dustin says this is it for us.  And I wasn't sure I could go my whole life without bows and little pink dresses.

But I think Asher will love having a little brother and I'll love being a "Boy Mom."  Plus I have 10 Rubbermaid totes and counting of little boy clothes.  Then there is that matter of the $400+ I spent on boy bedding that I can use again (yay!  What was I thinking spending that?).  I will always have little girls (Ashlyn & Charlee) and I'm sure more on the way in my family to spoil with pretty girl things.

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