December 24, 2011

Lawrence Christmas

On Thursday night we had Christmas with the Lawrence side.  Asher is always so excited to be able to hang out with Charlee.
I really wanted a picture of us together. This is what I got.

Dustin always tells me that I hold him/baby him so much.  But there will come a day when he won't want me to hold/kiss/cuddle him.  So for as long as he wants me to hold him I will!
My Cutie.  Notice the tape measure on his pocket.  He brought this home from my Mom's a while ago and wore it for a week straight.  Then it will get lost in the toy box for a couple of weeks.  He pulled it out the other night and has been wearing it ever since.  He told Dustin before we left last night "Daddy wear his tape measure and boots too!"
Miss Charlee.  Our little girly girl.  She got necklaces and lip gloss in her stocking.  I can't believe how big these two are getting.  What one does the other has to do too - even going to the bathroom.  I really love it when they both start singing - too cute!

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