January 5, 2012

20 Weeks

You can see my 20 week belly pics with Asher here.

Oh fat pregnancy face, you're back....

How far along?: 20 Weeks - Halfway there!

How big is baby?: 10.5 inches head to heel - about the length of a banana.  And about 10.5 oz.

Weight gain/loss?: 12 lbs and counting at my last appointment.

Stretch marks?: Nope

Maternity clothes?:  Yes.  I still mix in most pre-pregnancy tops.  I'm at that point where I just hate clothes.  Most maternity shirts are too big but regular shirts are too short.  I used to wear what I thought was cute.  Now I wear what fits.... only to get to work and realize it really doesn't fit either. 

Sleep?: Totally sucks.  I have to pee all the time, I can't get really comfortable and Dustin snores - loud.  Asher was laying in bed with us one night last week and he turned to me and said "Daddy is snoring on me, I wanna go to my room."  Haha I just wished I could go with him!

Food cravings?: The little cutie oranges.  I have had 3 so far today...

Gender?:  Another Brudder!

Movement?: Not a ton of movement but he's in there.  Asher got to feel him move for the first time last night!  I can't get Dustin to take his hands off of his IPad long enough to try to feel him.

Belly button?: Its already starting to look flat and popping out in the center?  WTH??

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