January 10, 2012

Baby Practice

On Sunday night we were hanging out downstairs and watched The Business of Being Born.  We like watching documetaries - we're weird like that.  Although I wasn't real enthused about the movie (which is mostly about having a mid-wife and home birth) it made Asher more interested in babies.  It also made him (and Dustin) cringe and tell me it was a bad, bad movie.  This just happened to be the part on C-Sections! 

Although Dr Austman has told me that I'm a canidate for a VBAC I haven't made any decisions.  I had a good friend tell me that she wouldn't do it (and I do trust her opinion) but I still kind of want to experience having a natural birth.  We'll see what happens.
While we were watching the movie Asher told me that his monkey was pooping and he needed a diaper.
So we went upstairs and opened a package up.  He always tells me he is going to change Brudder's diaper when he gets here.
I think he's going to be a big help!


Wish I Might said...

What a sweet boy!

Smileyface said...

this looks like something we would like to watch. we did all 3 of our kids natural....and had a midwife with our 2nd. the more i educated myself, each experience got better and better. by the time we got to aubrie, we had dr austman, and jase was able to assist her...it was awesome! the recovery was superfast with all them too. good luck!