January 13, 2012

Dune Buggy

I may have mentioned before that my Dad is the sentimental type.  He keeps EVERYTHING and is attached to EVERYTHING.  My Uncle Terry passed away in 1994 at only 45.  Anything Dad had of his he has kept - and he even bought Terry's Vette so that he'd always have it.
This picture was taken at the Terry Weber Memorial Car show that Dad put on the next year.  We loved riding around in Terry's dune buggy when we were kids.  Terry put the kit together in 1967 - my Dad was only 4 (can we say MUCH younger brother?)  Someone told him this last week that Terry would even drive it down to school.  He was jump in and then someone would tape and visqueen him - I can't decide is that was totally crazy or ingenius.

A couple of years ago my cousin Kris sold the dune buggy and Dad has been trying to track it down ever since.  We were at Mom and Dad's last Tuesday night for dinner and Dad was literally giddy because he was pretty sure he had found it on some dune buggy forum.  It had been bought and sold a couple of different times but we were able to track the guy down online - lol he was so exctied when he could even see a yellow spot in the guys backyard on Google.  He went and picked it up on Saturday.
It still looks the exact same.  I'm sure we'll have some fun with this next summer!

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