January 24, 2012

Swim Suit Re-Do

I think the only thing worse than trying on swim suits at 22 weeks pregnant would be trying on suits at 32 weeks pregnant.  Ugh.  Seriously depressing.  I turn 26 in a week.  HOW did this happen?  As one of my classmates said to another on Facebook a couple of weeks ago - "Sorry I forgot your birthday, but since its only 4 years until we turn 30 I figured you wouldn't mind."  30 doesn't seem old until its you that is creeping up on it.

Anyway, the weekend of my Birthday we're taking Asher up to Kalahari for the weekend with my family and the Bruckers.  I bought this suit when I was pregnant with Asher and I'm guessing I never tried it on because I had planned on wearing it boating at about 37 weeks with him.  But at that time I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now with a lot more baby.  There is no way that thing was gonna fit.  Good thing it rained that weekend. 

I put this on last week and immediately freaked out because it fit so weird.  The last thing I  wanted to do was buy another maternity suit when this is my last little bugger :(  I briefly thought about scrapping it all and wearing a bikini.  Then I remembered that my Dad was going with us and he would have a serious fit if I tried to wear a suit with my belly hanging out (HI DAD!).
Can you see that?  How awkward.  So I thought it would look better if the sides were pulled in and maybe ruched.  So I looked at some of my maternity shirts to see how they were made.
Since I still had a bit of room (and Lord help me if I ever have to wear this thing when I get any bigger) I decided to just cut the seam out after I tried picking it for a while.
Then I ran a basting stitch down both sides.
And started to gather each side.
I wasn't sure how far to go and I wasn't gonna try to put it back on so I just guessed.
In all of my shirts I could tell that they placed a thin elastic over the ruched sides.  So I bought some 1/4" black elastic.
Then I just sewed it over the ruched seam.  Ok, so it wasn't that easy.  By the time I finally got it done I was sweating and cussing.  My machine did not like the swim suit material.  I did make one more modification after this because when I tried it on it was still too big around the bottom.  I just brought in the sides at the bottom a little bit more.
What a difference!  I don't have to buy a new suit and all it cost me was $1.49 for some elastic.  Oh, and some blood, sweat and tears - litereally.  Now if only I can wear my yoga pants to the pool - my ass and legs in the bottoms are not pretty :)


rachel b said...

great idea! you're good at this!! ;)

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

I wouldn't consider myself good at this! But I do enjoy a challenge :) You'd pry die if you saw it up close!

Julie S. said...

This is great! I would have never even considered fixing it. :) I am NOT a seamstress.