January 27, 2012

Tid Bits

It's Friday again - yay!  I'm ready for the weekend so here are a few tid bits from the last week.
  • My belly button popped out.  WTH?  It didn't do this until about 35 weeks with Asher.  I showed it to The Sister Tuesday night and she said "Ewwwwwwwww you have a third nipple."  Thanks Sister.
  • Brantley will be in Bloomington on April 28th!  This is BEYOND exciting.  I'm going to be huge and pregnant but cannot wait to go :)
  • We are going to Pekin this weekend to spend some time with Milissa, Ryan and the kiddos and to meet their new puppy Ella!  She looks so sweet and I think Asher is going to love her.
  • And finally my heart is breaking this week for The Grieder Family.  Brooke and Blake lost their sweet baby girl Charlotte on Monday.  I've been a long time follower of Brooke's blog because I've always thought her lil guy Clayton reminded me of Asher.  Isn't that the amazing thing about blogs?  You get a glimpse into other peoples lives and feel that you truly know them.  The last 6 months I've watched her be the strongest Mama while her sweet baby girl fought for her life.  Charlotte was lucky to have been born into a family with so much love to give her.
And finally, some pictures from the last week.
Here is my sweet boy faking sleep.  Faking sleep but still screaming at Meme to play "Bwantley Yogurt LOUD"  He's funny. 
Very dark but here is Dan at the Popejoy Chirstmas party at Conklin's.  Him and Hippie brought 3 mason jars full of homemade Baileys and they were gone in no time.  I've had it before and its yummy! 
My Bubby trying on his new PJ's from Dustin's Mom.  Although he doesn't look it he was excited to have monkeys on his feet! 
I made myself another purse.  A bigger one.  Thank God cuz I carry a lot of crap. 
And finally I made Brudder his crib sheets!  Can you believe that?  Mom asked me if I was gonna start churning butter next.  I found this tutorial on pinterest and it was pretty easy.  I had been looking for crib sheets for the last few weeks but couldn't find anything that matched and they no longer sell the ones that go with his bedding.  I was able to find the exact color I needed in a really soft jersey fabric.  I'm pretty impressed with myself.


Carlee Gerber said...

I was shocked at how easy the sheets were to make too! I was dreading doing that part of the bedding but it ended up being super easy!

Laura K. said...

I can't believe how much he looks like RJ in the 1st picture!