March 27, 2012

32 Week Appointment

Weight Gain This Month: 5 lbs

Total so Far: 29 lbs

Belly Measurement:  We were too busy talking and she didn't say.

Brudder's Heart Rate:  120's - she said he must have been sleeping

What's Next:  I go back in another 2 weeks.  She gave me another prescription because I have my third UTI this pregnancy - FUN!  She said she is also pretty sure that he is sunny side up and gave me a couple of things to try and turn him around.  One of them is getting on my hands and knees for as long as I can stand it.  I guess I'll work on that the next couple of weeks and see if we can't get him to turn around.  We also talked birth control!  I asked her about Implanon (the one that goes in your arm) and she told me that she thought it would be a great option for me.  Dustin is ready to do something "permanent" but I'm just not ready yet.  I was actually surprised to hear that the Implanon is more effective than both a vasectomy and tubal ligation.  She said that the hormones may also be better for my headaches - that had me sold right there.  I'm starting to get excited and look forward to each appointment.  We're getting closer!

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Carlee Gerber said...

So exciting!! And you look adorable!! :)