March 23, 2012

Tid Bits

  • Dustin's cousin Jaime and her husband Craig had their lil girl on Tuesday - Londyn Marie Cook weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long.  Can't wait to meet this lil lady.
  •  My cousin Kristen called me on Tuesday night and said that a friend of theirs had recently found out they were very sick and couldn't go to the Brantley/Eric Church concert in April that I missed buying tickets to.  Although I feel so bad about why they couldn't go I was SUPER EXCITED to have tickets!  The Sister and I are planning on going unless for some reason I'm just not feelin it at 37 weeks.  If I can't go Josh can always have my ticket.  That totally made my day - I can't let Brantley come that close without seeing him!
  • I think I may have finally settled on a C-Section date for Brudder.  Don't get me wrong - I'm still hoping for a very successful VBAC :)  But Dr Austman said we need to set a date for a c-section just in case he decides he doesn't want to come out since I won't be induced.  Picking a date was hard - it just doesn't seem right?!?!  So I knew I wanted to wait until after his due date (but not too long) so as of right now I'm thinking May 22nd.  No one in my family has a birthday that day and that would make Brudder's birthday May 22, Asher - June 2 and Dustin June 12.  Is that stupid?  I also got on Wikipedia and checked other people with the birthdays of May 22 or 23 to see if there was someone that I wanted to hit or avoid.  I told you I've thought a lot about this.  So for now I think that may be it.  I'm still hoping he decides to come on his own!
  • I have a senior session this weekend and I'm so excited!  Lets hope the weather holds out!
Baby Londyn! 
I voted on Tuesday!  I made sure I took a picture and sent it to my boss so she knew I got it done :) 
I made myself an Easter/Maternity pic dress and its really cute -> on the hanger.  I somehow forgot to allow for my belly so when I put it on its about 8 inches shorter in the front than the back.  Maybe I can wear it this summer?!?! 
Dustin had a class in St Louis both yesterday and today so he wasn't home last night.  This is what Asher and I did at bedtime :) 

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