March 30, 2012

Tid Bits

  •  I have always felt good about the fact that I give Boo dehydrated chicken jerky as a treat.  To be honest he basically lives off of the things and LOVES them!  Last week we heard about a recall of the Waggin Train treats that Boo eats.  I was ticked.  So Boo has an appointment in a couple of weeks to have his teeth cleaned and the vet is going to do a blood test to check his kidneys and make sure he doesn't have anything going on.  In the mean time I have a very pissed Chihuahua who doesn't understand why he isn't getting any treats.  I've been feeding him deli meat because I'm not sure what else to give him!
  • Last Sunday Dad and Dustin got the little hot tub up and running.  Asher is so "cited!"  Tuesday night after dinner I wanted to get in with him (don't worry, it wasn't too hot).  I borrowed one of The Sister's old bikini's.  When I went out and took my towel off Josh's eyes got real big and he told my sister they were going to adopt.  THANKS JOSH.  Make me feel real good about myself.
  • I'm hoping this weekend to have a little "work day" at our house!  Its supposed to be nice out and I want to rip out a flower bed in the backyard to have a small garden.  Mom makes really good pasta sauce and things so I would love to have some tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos!  Dustin isn't real happy about doing the work but since I'll be home this summer I should be able to take care of it.  (See you Sunday Mom & Dad :)
  •  The Sister found out that she will be student teaching in Pekin this fall.  That means she'll be living with Ryan, Milissa and the kiddos for 6 weeks!  I'm jealous that Mili gets all that help for a while but what is the school thinking placing a girl almost an hour and a half away from home to student teach?  Good thing she has family to stay with!
  • Yesterday I opened up a new tube of toothpaste.  As Asher and I were brushing our teeth he wrinkled up his nose, shook his head and said "Dis toothpaste isn't berry tasty."  I love him.
  • Yesterday I took off at noon and went with the rest of the "Righter Girls" to the boat.  Somehow it escaped our attention that we never took The Sister or Addie to the boat when they turned 21 - evidently we were too busy making plans for Vegas!  All of the girls went and we had a great time, although I think the only reason they took me was to have a DD on the way home :)  Made my day to see my friend Becky there too!
I have "boys."  When I walked into Mom & Dad's Wednesday morning their sunroom was covered in sleeping teenage boys.  Makes me wonder if this will be my life in about 14 or 15 years.
Not only is my wedding set not fitting anymore but it was time for it to be cleaned and checked out so I've been wearing Grandma Glo's set this week.
Last Saturday I worked alllllll day on Brudder's room.  I got a lot done.  I for sure don't need too much before this Lil Guy arrives. 
 Asher hot tubbin @ Meme and Papa's
 Dustin cleaned the bubble that Dad stores my Chevelle in.  Think I can get one of these for Asher?
What a fun afternoon!  We think this needs to be a spring break tradition
Oops.  Story of my life :)

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