May 31, 2012

First Days at the Hospital

Well right after Adler was born all was perfect. 
Then my spinal wore off. 
Then I remembered why I wanted that VBAC.   

Maybe I'm a total wuss or maybe the recovery from a c-section is really that bad.  No matter how much pain medication they gave me I was still in SO much pain.  With Asher I didn't get out of bed for almost 48 hours.  After talking with some friends who had their 2nd section I knew that getting up and moving around was the best thing for me.  So first thing Saturday morning they took my cath out and got me out of bed.  OHMIGOD.  I hate to say that I totally missed my catheter because now I actually had to get out of bed or risk peeing myself.  It was rough but I tried to stay out of bed for much of that afternoon.  I didn't have too many visitors (I think I scared them all off) so it was nice to just be by myself and have all my time with my munchkin. 

Asher came on Friday morning with Mom and The Sister. He was sooooo shy. When he gets nervous he picks his nose. You'll see that in these pictures...

When he came back later that night so that Papa could see him he was all about being a Big Brother!  He loves to give him kisses and lay his head on him - its so cute :)

I'm glad one of my nurses asked me if she could take a couple of pictures of me and Adler on Friday afternoon.  She said that most people forget to take pictures of just the baby and Mommy.  And although I was sleep deprived and terribly puffy I'm glad I have these.

 Dustin & Asher went golfing on Saturday and when they stopped by Asher was all about his little brother. 

 Asher took a much needed nap
 And Dustin and I had our proud parent dinner.
There were more hugs and kisses before the boys headed off to RJ's Graduation Party.
 So Mama took some time to snap a couple of pics of my newest lil man.

The next morning the boys came to pick me up.  I was so excited to be going home!
 I felt like Asher standing at the window waiting for the boys to come and get me.
Asher wanted to hold his Brudder one more time before we left. 
All dressed up and ready to go home!

PS - Mama won the expect net poll!  I kept telling my Mom I just knew he'd be born on the 18th :)


leah @maritalbless said...

For real Tess, these pictures are TOO perfect! You are just beautiful and those boys of yours, too much!

Julie S. said...

Beautiful photos! :)