June 2, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Big Boy

    I cannot believe you are 3!  Although you have been practicing telling people for weeks now and showing them by holding up 3 fingers this day has really snuck up on me.  I suppose looking at your brand new baby brother it has made me realize how fast the time does go.  You have no idea how proud I am of the big brother that you are!  You love "Adwer" sooooo much!  You love to hold him "like a baby" and give him tons of kisses and pats on the head. 
Brand New
You no longer look like a tiny baby but you are a big boy!  You are very independent and love to do things on your own.  Right now the only thing you want to wear is jersey shorts and flip flops.  You never wear a shirt unless you have to.  You have been potty trained since August but still need the help of a pull-up at night.  Your favorite foods are mac n cheese and anything in Meme's treat bowl....  You still love Uncle RJ the best but I think Miss Keegan is giving him a run for his money!  You have found this summer that the big pool at Meme and Papa's really isnt that bad but I'm a little afraid of what you'll think of swim lessons this summer.
1 Year
You will be going to pre-school this fall which totally kills me.  I still think of you as being a baby and the thought of you on a school bus is enough to do me in.  The past couple of weeks has been hard because you still want Mommy to carry you and hold you but I can't pick you up just yet.  But I'm so glad that you still want me to hold you - don't let that change for a long time :)
2 Years
Right now you have a love for dirt bikes and 4 wheelers.  You give me a little dirt bike everyday to keep in my pocket and are upset if I don't have it on me when you ask where it is.  I think you are the smartest little boy ever.  You might not want to neccessarily count or say your ABC's but you don't forget ANYTHING - and thats scary.  You also know all the names of your muscle cars when you carry around your Hot Wheels - Mommy is so proud.
You are funny!  The things that you say crack me up and scare me all at the same time.  You've developed quite a personality and I'm so in love with the little boy you have become.  BUT don't get me wrong... you try my patience and make me crazy much of the time too.  But I know this comes with the territory of having a 3 year old boy.

Happy Birthday Asher, Mommy loves you!

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Sara said...

Happy birthday, Asher!! :-)