May 23, 2013

Adler's 12 Month Stats

Herman has had quite a week!!! Tuesday we had a follow-up visit with our cardiologist Dr Bash. Adler had a repeat echo and we had great news! Although he didn't grow out of his murmur like we had first hoped the good news is that his pulmonic stenosis is growing WITH him, which Dr Bash says is great. Other than that he said he looks good and he didn't see a need to see him for another 2 years!

On Tuesday we had our 12 month check-up with Dr Wenger. I wasn't shocked to see that Adler was only 1/2" taller and 2 oz less than Asher was at this age. My boys seem to be right on track with each other.

Weight: 22 lbs 4 oz. (60%)
Height: 31 inches. (90%)

While we were there I asked her about the bone sticking out of his chest. About 4-6 weeks ago Adler got done eating and he was filthy so I took his shirt off while he was in his high chair to try to clean him up and immediately noticed that something looked funny on his chest. When I felt it it seemed like he had a bone sticking out of his chest where his sternum was. I called my mom and showed it to Dustin but no one knew what it was. At that time we had just started with a new doctor and I had been there like a million times that first week so I didn't wanna call her yet again screaming that now Adler had a bone protruding from his chest.....

So she felt it yesterday and wasn't sure what it was. We decided to go ahead and have it X-rayed so that I felt better and she would know what it was. So that's what we did today. Poor kid has had 3 appointments in the last 3 days! I'm very curious to see what's going on with my lil man.


Hillary said...

How big is it? Max had something similar and his doctor told us what she thought it was, but I don't remember the way. In any case, it has gone away, so that's a plus :)

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Bigger than a pea but smaller than a Lima bean? I was showing it to Jodi last night and Beau said he had the same thing and it only recently went away. He couldn't remember what the Dr said it was.